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Legal Notice & Privacy Policy

MADARA LAW PLtd. is a sole owned limited liability company with registration number 203288168 (“MADARA LAW”, “ML”, “our” or “us”). The website of MADARA LAW provides information on legal matters in the field of industrial property and corporate law in Bulgaria, Romania, the Russian Federation and former Soviet states.
The information listed in this website does not constitute legal advice and is provided for informational purposes only. Third party links published on our website are used as means of convenience for all viewers of the website. We do not assume any responsibility for the contents of third party websites which can be assessed on our website.
The contents of this website is created by MADARA LAW PLtd. and is protected by copyright.
We welcome any feedback with regard to this website. Please contact us at
Our place of business is:
111 Dimitar Petkov Blvd.
Office 6, Fl. 3
Sofia 1309
VAT No. 203288168
This notice pertains to MADARA LAW’s privacy policy located on our website (the “Website”).
The website is used without entering personal information. Some information may be requested from you in some sections of this website, i.e. name, e-mail address, affiliations. Such information is used for statistical analyses only.
The legal notice of this website may be periodically changed. All substantial changes pertaining to the collection of data will be announced on the website. By using the website you agree with the terms of the legal and privacy notices.
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We periodically update the cookie policy section of our website. Please visit our website and our privacy policy in order to see how we continue to use cookies. Should you have any questions please write to us at
111 Dimitar Petkov Blvd.
Office 3-6, Fl. 3
Sofia 1309
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