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About us

Why Madara Law

  • We have deep industry knowledge
  • We have four decades of practical experience
  • We are educated at the top Bulgarian,German, Russian, Romanian, Swiss, UK and US universities
  • We go the extra mile for every single client
  • We deliver sustained results 
The quantum change in economies and the trend of globalization on all fronts has led to a drastic increase of trade, investment flows and technologies. The Eastern European markets are no exception to this trend. Following the change of regimes Eastern European markets are perceived as favourable markets in relation to economic and entrepreneurial activity. Therefore, as integrative processes deepen globally, the need for strategic legal advice and assistance in these markets has grown too.
We, at MADARA LAW understand these global trends. We have been at the forefront of the change of regimes in the 90s and have practiced law across a wide range of practice areas ever since. Through our extensive legal experience gathered over the decades we are able to respond to the changing business environment and offer legal assistance that has a successful impact for our clients.
MADARA LAW takes pride that its team was educated at the top universities in Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, the UK and the U.S.A. The members of our team have invaluable industry knowledge and rare experience from several branches of the legal profession - from academics and legislation drafters to attorneys-at-law and district, regional and Supreme Court judges. With this rich knowledge of the legal systems in Bulgaria and Western Europe we are able to provide our clients with tailored legal advice that is innovative and original. We go the extra mile for each of our clients and we deliver sustained results that help our client achieve their business goals.
111 Dimitar Petkov Blvd.
Office 3-6, Fl. 3
Sofia 1309
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